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Hawk Industries, LLC

Hawk Industries is controlled and operated by a pair of enterprising individuals originally from Chattanooga, TN.

  • Our Team
  • Spencer Hawkins

    Wake Forest
    School of Medicine
    M.D. Candidate
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  • Eric Martin

    University of CO
    Physics PhD Candidate
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Hawk Industries offers mobile application development, publishing, and consulting services. Our applications span from Unity 3D based platformers, online games, to medical web applications. Our game Word Worm was featured in Parent's Magazine by television personality Debra Messing.

You may use the CONTACT form with potential app ideas or proposals. We also offer consulting services at $75/hr for game, medical, and physics app development. We can provide valuable insites into user interface design and marketing strategies. Our specalities include Reddit and Facebook marketing. Our game, Tom's 4x4 has been downloaded over 800k times. We will also consider publishing partnerships and brand licensing agreements.

We have a strong focus in 4x4 game development. Tom's 4x4: Mountain Park, our sequel to the highly successful Tom's 4x4, featutes an includible 3D graphics and challenging physics puzzels. We have an great group sponsors that includes Crawl Magazine, Busted Knuckle Films, ARB, Ironman 4x4, Poison Spyder, Maxxis Tire, Tom's 4x4 Superstore, and Adventure Offroad Park. Tom's 4x4: Mountain Park features a dynamic billboard advertising system for potential marketing campaigns.